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Benjamin Salmons

Benjamin Salmons Tzedakah Fund

I realize that I am more fortunate than many others, both in Toronto and around the world, and I feel that it is very important to help others. The project that I will be funding, Gabriel Project Mumbai, not only helps with the immediate needs of the children of the slums and their families, but it also provides a means for them to improve their lives on a long-term basis.

Jonah Aaron

Jonah Aaron Tzedakah Fund

As I reach the age of Mitzvah, I now have the responsibility of stepping up to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. I have seen first hand, the impact of the funds set up by my sister and brother. I look forward to doing my share improving lives both in Toronto and in Israel.

Noah Aaron

Noah Aaron Tzedakah Fund

"I was taught at a very young age that Tikun Olam is at the very core of being Jewish. I am grateful for the opportunities that I enjoy, and assisting those less fortunate is simply the right thing to do."


Talia Aaron

Talia Aaron Tzedakah Fund








Bob Allen

Bob Allen Tzedakah Fund





Matthew Asper

Matthew Asper Tzedakah Fund




Olivia Asper

Olivia Asper Tzedakah Fund

"I feel that tzedakah and philanthropy is imortant in so many ways but the most importand in my heart is that because we are so lucky to have an education, food and basic needs looked after that much of the world doesn't get to have. So it is important that we give to those who are not as lucky. In addition I think giving back will help me grow and become a better person as I become an adult."

Sarah Asper

Sarah Asper Tzedakah Fund

"Becoming a teen philanthropist is important to me because i want to establish at an early age the mind setter of being able to give back to the community"


Tamar Begun

Tamar Begun Tzedakah Fund

"I love helping others, especially other children. I do not like to hear about anyone's suffering. If I can make a difference, I will do whatever it takes. I understand through Bnai Tzedek that I can have the best of both worlds -by encouraging both giving and receiving gifts. I also know that giving tzedakah creates a lasting gift, long after my bat mitzvah party has ended, I continue to make a difference."


Samara Bell

Samara Bell Tzedakah Fund

"I learned a lot about tzedakah from my parents and
grandparents, and from school. Both my parents are very involved in the Jewish community, so it makes sense to follow in their footsteps."




Zev Bell

Zev Bell Tzedakah Fund

I want to give back to the community because I understand that there are people less fortunate than me and I want to give them the opportunity to do extra curricular activities just like me. Everyone should have an opportunity to do something they enjoy. It is my role as a Jew in the community to give back and help in the process of Tikkun Olam, the fixing of the world.

Talia Bell

Talia Bell Tzedakah Fund

"I want people to enjoy the sport that I love; soccer. The children who love soccer in Bat Yam cannot afford to play extra-curricular activities. Because of my fund, they will now be able to do what they love while at the same time developing new skills, and self esteem."


Josh Benattar

Josh Benattar Tzedakah Fund

It's important to give back, especially to kids who are not as fortunate as I am. All kids should be able to play sports in a safe and nice environment. I love watching and playing lots of sports such as basketball and I want to help others kids do the same. It feels good doing something for others.

Amanda Berger

Amanda Jaclyn Berger Fund

Three years ago, we lost Amanda Berger much too soon. She spent the last years of her life studying and actively helping those in need in developing countries. She worked with the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries with Harvard, while studying at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK. On July 26th, 2015, we will be participating in a Spin-a-thon to raise money in Amanda's honour. Please help us raise money in Amanda's memory to help her dream of helping others stay alive. We appreciate all of your support! Join us at the BBQ after the event!

Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein Tzedakah Fund

"My Zaidie David Marks was the Campaign Director for UJA for many years and he started the Walk with Israel in Toronto when he worked for UJA. I wanted to contribute a portion of my Bar Mitzvah gifts to UJA in his honour."

Lauren Black

Lauren Black Tzedakah Fund

I am so happy that my tikkun Olam is connected to dance. My Bat Mitzvah project will help send children in need to dance school and I hope that this will bring them as much happiness and joy as it brings to me. I am so excited to take part in tzeddakah and chesed for my Bat Mitzvah year and can't wait to continue as I become an adult.

Bloom and Klein Family

Bloom and Klein Family Tzedakah Fund

"This fund is for a group of 10 young cousins. The purpose of this fund is that on special occasions such as birthdays and chanukah, the cousins will raise money for tzedakah instead of receiving presents. The 10 young cousins realize how lucky they are and want to bring happiness to the lives of others who are not as lucky as them. It is important to teach children the value of chesed and tzedakah at a young age and we think that this fund provides the counsins the ability to choose which charities they want to support."

Herschel Bronfman

Herschel Bronfman Tzedakah Fund





Noah Brown

Noah Brown's Bar Mitzvah Fund

To make a donation to Noah Brown's Bar Mitzvah Fund, please call 416-631-5685.




Ethan Catz

Ethan Catz Tzedakah Fund






Alexa Charlat

Alexa Charlat Tzedakah Fund

I feel it is extremely important to help others in what ever way possible. It is only fare for every person to be happy. I learn to really appreciate what I have in my life and that I have family and friends that take care of me. I really hope I can help as many people as possible in this world to make a difference. 

Ezra Cole

Ezra Cole Tzedakah Fund

Through my fund, I will help children in Bat Yam, Israel reach their potential through education and computer technology training. I would be honoured with a donation to this fund. Thank you for helping me make a difference and fulfilling the mitzvoth of tzedakah and tikkun olam.




Jax, Leo and Shael Cooperman

Jax, Leo and Shael Cooperman Tzedakah Fund

Thank you so much for making a contribution to our tzedakah fund. We are really thankful to have the opportunity to help children in need, and will no doubt learn a lot along the way. We really appreciate your support.
xx the cooperman kids xx

Seth Damiani

Seth Damiani Tzedakah Fund

"I am happy to help people who are less fortunate than I because it is important to give back to the world. I want to help kids who are less fortunate than I am to learn with the help of a computer or tablet."


"I am very excited to be giving kids computers and tablets and am looking forward to going to Israel."

Daniel David

Daniel David Tzedakah Fund

There are so many Jewish children in Israel and around the world less fortunate than me. As I approach my Bar Mitzvah I would like to share my blessings with others by marking the occassion with an act of Tzedakah.



Ja David

Jake David Tzedakah Fund

I am giving some of my barmitzvah money to the Ethiopian Jews in Israel to help them get a proper education.  Bat Yam is home to the fastest growing Ethiopian-Israeli community in Israel and is also the most vulnerable with many families living below the poverty line.  More than 50% of Ethiopian immigrants are illiterate and 1 out of four Ethiopian teens in Israel drop out of school.

I feel very blessed with such an amazing family, good education, and that I'm healthy.  Not everyone is as fortunate.

Tikkun olam is a very important part of my transition into being a Jewish man.

Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson Tzedakah Fund

Becoming an adult in the eyes of the Jewish religion means stepping up and doing my part in tikkun olam. I am proud to be able to use the occasion of my Bar Mitzvah as an opportunity to help others.


Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis Tzedakah Fund

"B'nai Tzedek has helped me to try and make a difference in the world through allowing me to be like many charitable adults and give annual gifts to charities of significance to me. The B'nai Tzedek program helped me start my Jewish adult life in a charitable fashion, and has inspired me to continue to give Tzedakah. I hope that through my fund at B'nai Tzedek I can continue to help those less fortunate than I and make a difference in the world"

Lee Davis

Lee Davis Tzedakah Fund

"I started this fund in honour of my becoming a Bar Mitzvah and to be able to help out those less fortunate than me here, in Israel, and around the world. This fund enables me to be able to fulfill the mitzvah of Tzedakah for the rest of my life and help me perform Tikkun Olam."


Noah Davis

Noah Davis Tzedakah Fund

"I am starting my fund in honour of my becoming Bar Mitzvah and will be using money that I receive to start this fund. To me, this is an important step toward becoming a Jewish adult. I know that it is important to give tzedakah throughout my life and by setting this fund up now, I will always have something to give and a way to help those less fortunate than me. My B'nai Tzedek fund is an important first step to enable me make a difference and to give to others for my entire life."

Jacob DeZwirek

Jacob DeZwirek Tzedakah Fund

"In celebration of my Bar Mitzvah, I have established the Jacob DeZwirek Tzedakah Fund as part of the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy program at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto. I would be honoured if you would make a donation to this Tzedakah Fund in place of a personal gift. Each year I will distribute from this fund to worthy charitable causes.

To make a donation, please or call Amy Gnesin at 416-631-5703.

Please help me help others who are less fortunate than us. Any gift is appreciated.

Thank you,


Hadassa Dubrofsky

Hadassa Dubrofsky Tzedakah Fund

"I have decided to ask my Bat Mitzvah guests to make a charitable donation instead of giving me a gift. All money raised will be directed to Bat Melech, an Israeli organization that runs shelters for abused women and their children."

Judith Dwosh

Judith Dwosh Tzedakah Fund

I am excited that I have begun to do my part toward tikkun olam and that my project, which I hope will bring help to those who are struggling and are less fortunate, is a real act of chesed and tzedakah. I hope that it is the first of many that I will be able to do as I become a young woman and as a member of the Jewish community.

Jacob Eisen

Jacob Eisen Tzedakah Fund

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give to teens who love music as much as I do. My family has taught me the importance of tzedakah and tikkun olam and with the support of my friends and family hope to contribute to the music program in Bat Yam. My donations will go to the cost of music instruments and lessons for Bat Yam's kids. Thank you to all who help!"

Judah Eisen

Judah Eisen Tzedakah Fund

This tzedekah project is important to me because I love camp so much. It is the place where I am free and have made my closest friends. I feel badly for any kid who can't afford to go to camp. I feel that it is important for every kid to have a fun camp experience. 

Tamar Eisen

Tamar Eisen Tzedakah Fund

"I feel that being a teen philanthropist is important because it is good to start giving at a young age. Giving helps me appreciate all that I have and makes me feel good to be helping others less fortunate."

Rebecca Feldman

Rebecca Feldman Tzedakah Fund

"On the occassion of my becoming a Bat Mitzvah, I have chosen to direct the proceeds in my Bat Mitzvah Fund to the Canadian Friends of the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind. I chose this charity because it ties together my love of Israel, my love of dogs and their ability to improve lives through companionship and dedicated assistance.

Thank you for celebrating with me and helping me raise money for this important cause."

Zoe Flatt

Zoe Flatt Tzedakah Fund

“I realize how lucky I am to grow up with good health, a supportive and loving family, and the ability to pursue my dreams. I know that everybody is not as fortunate as I am. Since I love animals and dogs and hope to be a veterinarian one day, I have decided to support multiple projects that involve dogs in helping and enhancing people’s lives. One o f the projects involves training dogs to support people with special needs both in Canada and in Israel. These dogs are helping blind individuals live productive and independent lives."

Kayla Freilich

Kayla Freilich Tzedakah Fund

Thank you for making a donation to the PJ library. I am so excited that we will be able to help kids receive books and learn all about the Jewish holidays and more.



David Friedland

David Friedland Tzedakah Fund

"I realize how lucky I am to grow up in a family that is fortunate to have all the necessities and more in life. From my first allowance as a young boy to now, my parents have reminded me of the importance of donating to those less fortunate. Each allowance, we would donate a percentage to our tzedakah box. At the time, I was not really aware of what I was doing, but as I got older, I started to understand how even a small act is important. Now, as I become a Bar Mitzvah, I feel like I am truly old enough to make a difference on my own, and that is why I have opened a B'nai Tzedek Fund."

Elliott Friedland

Elliott Friedland Tzedakah Fund

Ever since I was young, I realized that not everyone was as lucky as me. As I have grown older and traveled with my family, I have recognized this even more. As part of my duty, to the Jewish community, I feel that I should give to others that are less fortunate. For this reason, I created a B’nai Tzedek Fund, which will allow me to allocate money to different charitable organizations around the world each year. Through this fund, we can help repair the world.

Michael Friedland

Michael Friedland Tzedakah Fund

"Ever since I was born, my parents have taught me that it is important to give back to the community. As I became older, I started to understand more about why this is so important. My family and I are so lucky that we don't need anything, but many others around the world are not as fortunate as we are. Tzedakah is now part of my life and I felt that it was just the right time to open a B'nai Tzedek Fund, as I become a Bar Mitzvah. This will allow me to donate the earnings from my fund each year to different charities in Canada and around the world."

Fara Glazerman

Fara Glazerman Tzedakah Fund

Giving back to the community is really important. I have lots of causes that are near and dear to me. With your help I will be able to give back to these organizations. 

I have grown up in a family that recognizes supporting organizations that help those in need is a quality that I want to continue as I grow up.

Rebecca Goldberg

Rebecca Goldberg Tzedakah Fund

"I want to make a difference in the world, even if it is just one family or one community."

Sarah Golombek

Sarah Golombek Tzedakah Fund






Hannah Goodman

Hannah Goodman Tzedakah Fund

"I have learned from my parents the importance of being charitable and always helping those in need, particularly in the Jewish Community in Toronto and in Israel. I have created this Bnai Tzedek Fund so that each year, when I distribute to various projects from my fund, I will be reminded of how fortunate I am and how special my Bat Mitzvahs in Toronto and Israel were to me. This Fund is my commitment to perform tikkun olam each year."

Koby Gottlieb

Koby Gottlieb Tzedakah Fund

I think I'm very priviliged and I want other kids to also be as priviliged as me.




Jordan Graff

Jordan Graff Tzedakah Fund

I am setting up this fund so that I am able to choose good Jewish causes to donate to for my Bar Mitzvah. The donations will go to good causes and will help people who have less than I do. Rather than me buying things I really don't need, I am happy to give back to the community.

Julie Grammer

Julie Grammer Tzedakah Fund

"I joined this program because i wanted kids who are less fortunate than me in Israel to do something i love and the may love too.....Dance"




Kellie Grammer

Kellie Grammer Tzedakah Fund

"Something that is highly valued in Judaism is the mitzvah of Tzedakah. This is also a very important value of mine and it gives me so much joy to know I am fulfilling this mitzvah and helping others who are not as fortunate as me."




Lauren Grammer

Lauren Grammer Tzedakah Fund

"Creating my own charity has really shown me the importance of tzedaka and tikun olam. Participating in either matter so much, as we become adults. Helping children who don't get to have the same experiences as me because they live in war torn countries or in constant danger was and is truly a life changing. I know that in everything i do, i will always strive remember that tikun olam is the most important good deed anyone can be apart of."

Amy Grossman

Amy Grossman Tzedakah Fund

I am fortunate in my life and want to share and help others.




Ayala Grossman

Ayala Grossman Tzedakah Fund

"Being a Jewish philanthropist is important to me because giving tzedakah is very meaningful. Tzedakah is significant because it makes the world a better place by helping others. It makes me sad to see people who need help and don't get help. I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can donate time and money to important causes. Being part of B'nai Tzedek will guide me in a direction of giving Tzedakah."

Jonelle Grossman

Jonelle Grossman Tzedakah Fund

"I am happy to be giving back to not only children in my community but to children in Israel as well. I am privileged to be able to go to summer camp, attend Hebrew day school and dance many hours a week in a competitive program. I see my Bat Mitzvah as an opportunity to begun a fund that will support kids who may be less fortunate then I am. My family has taught me the importance of tzedakah. I hope to continue this into my future as an adult."

Lexi Grossman

Lexi Grossman Tzedakah Fund





Nicole Grossman

Nicole Grossman Tzedakah Fund

"I want to make a difference and give something back to honour my Bat Mitzvah. I am also so lucky and I know that not every kid is so fortunate."




Yona Grossman

Yona Grossman Tzedakah Fund


Gabi Herman

Gabi Herman Tzedakah Fund

"I love helping people, and have always wanted to make a difference. I can just imagine the smile that would appear on someone's face if they were helped. Bnai Tzedek is a step towards doing that as often as I can."




Joshua Holtzman

Joshua Holtzman Tzedakah Fund

"Tzedakah is an important part of my life that I learned from my grandparents, parents, Associated and camp. I hope to be able to support help other kids have an opportunity to enjoy the kinds of things I like such as sports and summer camp."






Talia Holtzman

Talia Holtzman Tzedakah Fund






Madison-Shira Hossack

Madison-Shira Hossack Tzedakah Fund

"In advance, I thank you for visiting my donation page.
I would like to make a difference to the lives of other teens who are less fortunate than I am. I believe that we can each make this world a better place today and tomorrow.
We can "tikkun loam".....that means, 'heal the world' by giving to B'nai Tzedek.
In celebration of my becoming Bat Mitzvahed, I thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.
With Shalom and Love,

Jewish Teen Board

2016 Jewish Teen Board Fundraising Campaign

The 2015-2016 Jewish Teen Board of Greater Toronto is committed to two missions:

Va-ad Yachad (Together):
It is the mission of Va’ad Yachad to instill within everyone a positive and healthy state of mind by promoting equity using Jewish values throughout the community.

Va-ad Koach (Strength):
Our mission is to impact the community by funding educational opportunities for teens to promote equity, to express creativity freely, and repair the world.

Emma Kalles

Emma Kalles Tzedakah Fund

I am proud to donate 100% of my bat mitzvah gifts to those less fortunate than I am. I wanted to bring meaning to my bat mitzvah by giving back to the community. There are so many people who have so little and I want to do my small part in making a difference in their lives. 

Josh Kauffman

Josh Kauffman Tzedakah Fund





Jamie Kreidstein

Jamie Kreidstein Tzedakah Fund

I am very excited that while celebrating my own simcha I can bring some joy to others less fortunate than I. I look forward to continuing to do my part toward tikun olam as I get older.

Orly Lipsitz

Orly Lipsitz Tzedakah Fund

"I think that it's important to help others less fortunate than myself, and love that I can help people across the world."

Jack Lipton

Jack Lipton Tzedakah Fund

"I want to give back to my community and Israel"






Sabrina Lorie

Sabrina Lorie Tzedakah Fund

"I am very happy to be giving all my Bat-Mitzvah money to many different charities. Every single thing that has to do with planning for my Bat-Mitzvah, I try and involve it with a charity. I just feel so good when I help other people. With the help from my family and friends I'm sure raise lots of money to give people in need!"


Amy Maisel

Amy Maisel Tzedakah Fund

As a bat mitvzah I think it is important to help others. I would like to support organizations that help animals and that help kids participate in sports.


Ben Maisel

Ben Maisel Tzedakah Fund

Thank you for donating to B'nai Tzedek. I plan to support different sports charities.



Joshua Maisel

Joshua Maisel Tzedakah Fund



"I think it is important to give tzdakah when I am a Bar Mitzvah."




Eve and Judah Maisels

Eve and Judah Maisels Tzedakah Fund

Eve and Judah look forward to starting a tzedakah fund that will grow with them and that they can contribute to in order to help children locally and in Israel.

Orly Malka

Orly Malka Tzedakah Fund

"I am intrested in an opportunity to help less fortunate within our community and in Tikkun Olam."






Alanna Mandel

Alanna Mandel Tzedakah Fund





Arli Marans

Arli Marans Tzedakah Fund

I consider myself very lucky. I always have food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. I also have the opportunity to do various extra-curricular activities. I feel that by doing this, and taking part in the tikkun olam program, I have a chance to give back to others that are less fortunate. My hope is that I will continue helping others throughout my adult life. 

Binyamin Mazin

Binyamin Mazin Tzedakah Fund





Hannah and Jack Minsky

Hannah and Jack Minsky Tzedakah Fund

In celebration of our b'nei mitzvah, we have chosen to support scholarships at Camp Kadimah, a Jewish overnight camp in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Camp Kadimah is deeply meaningful to us.  It is a place we associate with fun, friendship and Jewish values.  We believe that it is important for every Jewish child who wants it, to have a Jewish summer camp experience.  We would be very grateful if you would consider donating to our b'nei tzedek fund so that we can provide scholarships to send as many children to Camp Kadimah as possible.

Noah Minsky

Noah Minsky Tzedakah Fund

In celebration of my Bar Mitzvah, I am supporting a project that will share my love of soccer with a group of talented Ethiopian-Israeli teens in the city of Bat Yam. Soccer is an important and rewarding part of my life. Through my tzedakah project, I am hoping to enable teens in Israel to find the same satisfaction in soccer that I do. My project will provide professional soccer coaching and equipment for the teens in Bat Yam. 

Ezra Nadler

Ezra Nadler Tzedakah Fund

"This is important to me because I want to do my part to help people that are in need. This is an important mitzvah, to give to others and help make the world a better place through acts of kindness."




Gaby Nadler

Gaby Nadler Tzedakah Fund

"I understand that I am fortunate and that it is important to give back to my community. I am grateful to be in a position to enhance the lives of others who are in a much worse position than I am."




Lee Nadler

Lee Nadler Tzedakah Fund

Giving Tzedakah is important to me because I want the less fortunate to have an opportunity to improve their lives and have opportunities that I have.


Zoe Nadler

Zoe Nadler Tzedakah Fund

"I am happy that I have begun to do my part toward tikun olam and that my tzedakah fund will bring much happiness to the lives of others less fortunate than me."




Sydney Orlander

Sydney Orlander

It appeals to me to get an opportunity to help others and this organizations seems like it can do just that.




Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker Tzedakah Fund

"It is important to help others because when I think about what I have and what I am able to participate in and hear of others who do not, I want to give them the chance to explore their interests and build self confidence. It is important to give Tzedakah because not everyone has enough money to buy food and have a healthy meal and be happy."

Kayla Pelly

Kayla Pelly Tzedakah Fund

"I am excited to be able to help kids who aren't as lucky as me do what I love. I hope it will make the kids as happy as I am when I am doing gymnastics."



Maddy Prosserman

Maddy Prosserman Tzedakah Fund

I am excited to start helping children live a happy life and I can't wait to see the benefits that will occur through this project. I'm happy to do my part towards Tikkun Olam.

Sarah Prosserman

Sarah Prosserman Tzedakah Fund

It is important to me because I really want to give stuff to people who are more needy than I am. Also because I like giving back to people.

Sammy Prosserman

Sammy Prosserman Tzedakah Fund

I am happy to be helping the people in my local community and I think that it is very important for me to be doing this. I hope to continue this as I grow up.




Adam Pukier

Adam Pukier Tzedakah Fund

"Tzedakah is very important in our family. I feel so fortunate to be celebrating my Bar Mitzvah and helping to contribute to the Bat Yam Music Conservatory. Every little bit helps make a huge difference in the world."


Rachel Pukier

Rachel Pukier Tzedakah Fund

Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means taking responsibility.  I am very proud to be raising funds for an after-school basketball program in Israel. Thank you for helping me help others, and for showing these children that we care.

Andrew Richler

Andrew Richler Tzedakah Fund

“I originally became involved in B'nai Tzedek because my parents, who have always been highly involved in the Toronto Jewish Community, encouraged me to. However, I quickly realized for myself how important it is to donate and volunteer my time. On a trip to Israel, I was able to witness first hand the effects of my donations. As different events have affected my life, I've had numerous opportunities to do things in support of related causes. This includes supporting Holocaust survivors, elderly people in Toronto, those affected by Alzheimer's disease, sending underprivileged children to summer camp, and support a Mentally Disabled School in Israel. B'nai Tzedek is a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference in other's lives, and truly make one feel better about themselves and what they can do.”

Jacob Ringel

Jacob Ringel Tzedakah Fund

Since I will soon be bar mitzvah I believe it is time to do my part in tikkun olam and I hope to continue helping through my adult life. 



Mitchell Rodney

Mitchell Rodney Tzedakah Fund

I am happy to become a teen philanthropist to help the unfortunate in Israel. Me and my family have done an annual basketball charity to help various UJA causes for the past 3 years. I am proud and ready to fundraise for my bar mitzvah project. 

Benjamin Rosenthal

Benjamin Rosenthal Tzedakah Fund

"I think that tikkun olam is very important because kids that need a helping hand can get it through this program and I am lucky to be able to give a helping hand."

Lily and Eli Samuel

Lily and Eli Samuel Tzedakah Fund






Dylan Tanenbaum

Dylan Tanenbaum Tzedakah Fund

As I approach my Bar Mitzvah, I am starting to think about giving back to the community. Tikkun Olum is a very important part of our Jewish culture. 

Michelle Schneeweiss

Eva Krausz Memorial Fund

"I am happy to be able to donate money to different causes, because it makes me feel good knowing that I have made a difference in the world, no matter how large or small."




Ethan Silverberg

Ethan Silverberg Tzedakah Fund

I would like to help give back to people that are not as fortunate. Specifically I would like to help injured Israeli soldiers who put their life at risk to protect others in their country.


Jakob Silvert

Jakob Silvert Tzedakah Fund

I am lucky to be able to give to kids who are less fortunate than me. My Bar Mitzvah is the perfect time to commit to helping.



Evan Somer

Evan Somer Tzedakah Fund

From a young age my parents taught me about the importance of giving to those less fortunate than I am.  I am now excited to have a fund that will give me the opportunity to give back to my community both here and in Israel.

Noah Springer

Noah Springer Tzedakah Fund

"Becoming a teen philanthropist is important to me because I was brought up in a house where charity work has become a large part of my life especially in the Jewish community. Having my father work at UJA really made me want to do my part in the world and strengthen the Jewish community. I also have very strong morals about helping people less fortunate than myself."

Sam Strelshik

Sam Strelshik Tzedakah Fund

"B'nai Tzedek Teen Philanthrophy has taught me about tzedakah and tikkun olam, and has helped me make a difference in the world!"





Ethan Tanenbaum

Ethan Tanenbaum Fund






Jack Tanenbaum

Jack Tanenbaum Fund

"By directing the income from this Fund each year, I will be making a difference in the world and helping to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than me. My parents and grandparents are great examples to me and I'm excited to become a young philanthropist."

Madeline Tanenbaum

Madeline Tanenbaum Tzedakah Fund

"In lieu of any gifts, I would ask that you consider making a donation to the “Madeline Tanenbaum Fund” at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.
By directing the income from this Fund each year, I will be making a difference in the world and helping to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than me.
My parents and grandparents are great examples to me and I’m excited to become a young philanthropist."

Sabrina Tanenbaum

Sabrina Tanenbaum Tzedakah Fund

I want to help support kids in my community and in Israel who cannot afford to participate in activities such as dance and art, which I enjoy so much.



Bailey Tarder-Kadaner

Bailey Tarder-Kadaner Tzedakah Fund

"I love to participate in gymnastics and my mitzvah project is to provide this same opportunity to youth-at-risk in Israel."






Koby Tick

Thank you so much for supporting me.
I am raising money for Ve'Ahavta, a Jewish charitable social service organization dedicated to promoting positive change in the lives of people of all faiths who are marginalized by poverty. I am hoping to help the homeless and less fortunate. Along with raising money, I will be volunteering on their mobile van and baking to help feed the homeless. Every dollar helps them.

Maya Tick

Maya Tick Tzedakah Fund

I am happy to take my part in tikkun olam because I want to show the world that we care and help people who aren't as fortunate as a lot of us. 


Yona Tugg

Yona Tugg Tzedakah Fund







Ethan Varkul

Ethan Varkul Tzedakah Fund





Olivia Varkul

Olivia Varkul Tzedakah Fund

"Being a teen philanthropist is important to me because I feel like doing my part in Tikkun Olam will inspire others and help kids who are less fortunate. I decided to choose a soccer program to support because I feel that this way I will be able to share my love of soccer with other kids. This program will help kids improve their skills and build their self confidence. I feel that at this point in my life it is my turn to take a stand and be a leader."

Olivia and Ashlee Wittlin

Olivia and Ashlee Wittlin Tzedakah Fund

We are happy that we have begun to do our part toward tikkun olam and we want to bring happiness to the lives of others around us. We feel good knowing that we are helping others in need.


Ely Wyman

Ely Wyman Tzedakah Fund

I want to help children who are not as fortunate as me. My bar mitzvah is a good time to focus on tikkum olam. 




Gabe Yallen

Gabe Yallen Tzedakah Fund

"As you probably know, I'm a huge sports fan. I like to watch lots of different sports, especially football (Go Steelers!), and I really love playing basketball. I'd like to help give kids in Bat Yam, Israel, a chance to enjoy shooting hoops like me. Bat Yam has a large population of underpriviledged children, many of them Ethiopian Jews, who gain so much from playing basketball. For my Bar Mitzvah, instead of giving me a gift,  I hope you'll consider making a donation in my honour to the Gabriel Yallen Basketball Court in Bat Yam."